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Eletta Explore Titanium ECAM450.86.T

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Explore new tastes and inspire creativity with hot coffee, iced coffee, and Cold Brew recipes to suit any coffee moment.

LatteCrema Hot & Cool Technologies

Whether you prefer café classics or refreshing iced coffee, LatteCrema Technology created by De’Longhi, uses precision aerodynamics to create silky hot and cold microfoam, for barista-quality coffee, with the touch of a button. Featuring an integrated steam cleaning system, and dishwasher safe components, maintaining your LatteCrema carafe is easy.

Cold Extraction Technology

Enjoy the mellow, smooth flavour of refreshing Cold Brew in under 5 minutes, made possible by Cold Extraction Technology created by De’Longhi. This unique pump system uses ambient water temperature, and infuses the coffee under low pressure, and longer intervals, to enable a variety of cold and iced coffee recipes.

Bean Adapt Technology

Consistent, quality flavour, guaranteed. Bean Adapt Technology created by De’Longhi, is our interactive technology that delivers optimal flavour extraction by automatically adapting the grind, dose, and brewing temperature, specifically for the coffee beans identified by the user.