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Nutricook Airfryer 2 NC-AF205 6291061136065

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Introducing the all-new Air Fryer 2. Its sleek redesign and upgraded features make it the best in class. With an incredibly stunning brushed black finish and a slim profile that allows it to fit any countertop, the Air Fryer 2 quickly fries food to crispy, golden brown perfection using little to no oil.

With 85% less fat than a traditional deep fryer, you can make all your favorite foods guilt-free. Our SmartTemp Technology automatically adjusts the temperature while cooking to give you the best of both worlds – perfectly cooked on the inside and crispy on the outside. Equipped with other useful features designed for your ease ? Preheat, Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion, Auto Shut Off, and a Shake Reminder function telling you when to shake so all of your food gets fried evenly. It comes with 10 one-touch presets allowing you to cook everything from salmon to steak perfectly, every single time.

Our non-stick air fryer basket is PFOA-free, BPA-free, and dishwasher safe so you don?t have to worry about cleanup.

The Air Fryer 2 takes the guesswork out of cooking – with none of the oil and all of the crisp. You?ll be amazed at what it can do.



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