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RitterWerk Food slicer orbis⁵

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  • Easy-care plastic
  •  Foldable
  •  Electronic rpm adjustment
  •  Detachable carriage
  •  Made in Germany
  • High quality plastic

    This foldable food slicer orbis5 made of easy-care plastic does offer simple and safe peration and reliable functions. When opened, it stands skid-proof on the countertop.

    Foldable supply table

    The support table can easily be folded up to the stop. When folded, the width of this food slicer is only 10,5 cm. This means that the food slicer can be stowed away in almost any niche.

    Divisible carriage

    The slicing carriage can be simply removed for easy cleaning. For storage, the slicing carriage can be dismantled into two parts. The left-over holder and the dismantled slicing carriage can be stored directly on the folded device to save space.

    Safety switch for intermittent and continuous operation

    Two operating modes are available. For short operation, the switch is pressed and pushed forward to the resistor. The circular blade runs as long as the switch remains pressed in this position. For continuous operation, the switch is pressed and pushed beyond the resistor until it engages. The circular blade runs in this operating mode without the switch being held down, until the switch is returned to the “0” position.

    Vario electronic

    With the integrated vario electronic, the blade speed can be adapted to the food currently being sliced, achieving the best possible slicing result. A slow speed can be set for soft products and a fast speed for hard products.

    Slice thickness continuously adjustable

    Stepless adjustment of the slice thickness is possible from wafer-thin up to approx. 14 mm. Thanks to the infinitely variable slicing thickness adjustment, the food can be cut into appetising slices. The serrated circular blade, made from stainless steel, ensures the perfect “slice”.

    Circular blade lock

    Thus, the circular blade can easily be removed for cleaning with no additional tools thanks to a convenient bayonet lock.

    Powerful eco motor

    The power is here! The food slicer orbis5 is driven by a 65 W eco motor which is 20 % more economical and just the same 50 % more powerful than the previous model. The use of this energy-saving motor makes a positive contribution to environmental protection.



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