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Ritterwerk Hand-operated food slicer piatto⁵

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  • Full metal construction
  •  Manually operated
  •  With a bamboo board
  •  Adjustable guide bracket for the food to be sliced
  •  Made in Germany

    Full metal construction

    The full metal design of the hand operated food slicer piatto5 guarantees the best possible slicing results  and a long service life.

    Smooth crank

    The robust and smooth manual crank from metal with a plastic handle is operated with the right hand and ensures that the food slicer piatto5 do not require any electricity at all.

    Guide bracket

    For a better result of large, hard pieces during the slicing process, the piatto5 is equipped with a guide bracket for the food to be sliced. This has the advantage that the evenly sliced cut food doesn’t get in the way of or block continuing “crank operation”.

    FSC certified bamboo board

    The sliced food is channelled away from the crank and then lands on the bamboo board intended for this purpose. It also serves as a cutting board with perfect material properties.

    High-quality suction feet

    When you press the hand-operated food slicer piatto5 onto the surface, the silicone feet attach firmly and thus prevent slipping during the cutting process.

    Slice thickness continuously adjustable

    Stepless adjustment of the slice thickness is possible from wafer-thin up to approx. 20 mm. Thanks to the infinitely variable slicing thickness adjustment, the food can be cut into appetising slices.

    Detachable carriage

    The stainless steel carriage of the piatto5 food slicer can be easily removed for oversized products or for cleaning.

    Circular blade

    The serrated circular blade, made from stainless steel, ensures the perfect “slice”. It is well suited for all kinds of slicing. Both hard and soft food may be cut into appetizing slices.



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