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Series 9 PRO+ 9569cc Wet & Dry Electric Shaver with 6-in-1 SmartCare Station and Travel Case, Gold

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  • The best of Braun, better than ever  : Series 9 PRO+ redefines electric shaving to ensure a close, flawless, comfortable and precise shave.
  • For 1, 3 or 7 day beards  : the 5 perfectly synchronized shaving elements provide exceptional efficiency and comfort for the skin with each pass, even on the longest and most difficult hairs.
  • Optimal precision, even on difficult hairs  : The integrated ProTrimmer precision trimmer, made of surgical-grade steel, provides maximum cutting efficiency, even on the mustache, sideburns and under the nose.
  • For a razor like new day after day  : the 6-in-1 SmartCare station cleans, dries and recharges your razor.
  • Built to last for years  : Series 9 PRO+ is 100% made in Germany and 100% waterproof. Powerful Li-Ion battery with a battery life of 60 minutes. Can be used on wet or dry skin.



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