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The ideal wood pellets for pizza ovens
For an authentic wood fire cooking and an inimitable taste, use these pellets made of 100% beech wood from France. These wood pellets have been designed for food use, they are perfectly suited for pizza ovens.

They offer excellent calorific performances and will give your pizza an authentic taste.

ZiiPa wood pellets are made in France and come from sustainably managed forests.

100% natural | No binders or additives | French wood | Inimitable taste

The + of ZiiPa wood pellets

  • 100% beech wood of French origin
  • The ideal wood pellets for the cooking of pizzas
  • Authentic wood fire cooking
  • Inimitable taste
  • Practical format of 5kg
  • Several cooking possibilities: roasting, grilling, baking, smoking
  • Suitable for cooking pizzas, fish, vegetables and meat


Tips for use

  • To light the flame and quickly reach 400°C in the Piana pizza oven, it is recommended to use 250g of pellets, the equivalent of 2 pellet cups.
  • With 500g of pellets, you can make about 10 pizzas.
  • Handle the bag with care to limit the production of dust.
  • The packaging has been designed to guarantee the best possible seal. It is however imperative to transport and store the pellets in a dry environment.
  • This product is flammable. It should not be stored near a heat source



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