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STEAMONE Anti-Lint Shaver RP10B

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Rechargeable anti-lint shaver for perfect style.

Repeated washings may generate fluff on your favorite outfits. Thanks to our anti-lint shaver RP10B, it has never been so easy to give a second life to your clothes.

Rechargeable, easy to handle and simple to use, it has been designed by SteamOne to easily remove pills from all kind of clothes, textiles and furniture.

Its height adjustment accessory enables you to use it on even the most delicate fabrics, like pullovers.

Product specifics


  • rounds per minute 9500
  • Cable USB C
  • Charge Fast
  • Running time 60min
  • SteamOne patented design : to improve usability
  • Ergonomic handle with ON/OFF button on top for easy use
  • Auto shut off safety system when emptying
  • Height adjustment cap to shave even very delicate garments
  • 3 stainless blades to shave lints efficiently
  • Up to 9 500 rounds per minute to remove more lints in one pass
  • Large grid of 66 mm : to cover more surface
  • Different hole sizes : to cut all sizes of lints
  • Chrome and black : soft touch finish
  • Built to last : thanks to ABS plastic contruction
  • Quick charge (2-3 hours) thanks to USB C cable
  • Up to 60 minutes running time
  • Led charge indicator



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