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Keep control of the steam with ST702SB !

With its proprietary Start and Stop technology, the ST702SB Pro steamer delivers steam only when you need it. ST702SB adapts to your use and reduces your energy and water consumption by up to 40%! With its ultra-powerful heating unit, ST702SB delivers unmatched steaming performance. ST702SB diffuses a gentle and constant steam flow in just 60 seconds to smooth all types of fabric. Its compact and elegant design fits all types of interiors. Equipped with a complete collection of accessories and 2 levels of steam, ST702SB will become your ally for style every day!

Product specifics


  • Power 2000W
  • Steam flow 42g/min
  • Autonomy 67min*
  • Ready in 60sec
  • Patented Start-Stop technology. Infrared sensors detect the presence of the steam head on its hook in order to automatically start or stop steam output
  • Up to 40% water and energy savings. No loss when the steamer is not in use: water is not consumed, and power is reduced
  • Compact design that is stylish for smoothing all types of clothing



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